2020 Debut fiction!

I’m a little late with this post, but one of the loveliest parts of 2020, and being a debut author in this crazy year, was reading other debut authors and getting to know some of them a little. Of course I’d love for you to read THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN, but I’d also love for you to read one of these wonderful books. And this list is just a fraction of the great debut books that published in 2020. For a more comprehensive list, go to @debuts2020 on IG or FB.

From the photo:

Revolutions of All Colors, Dewaine Farria, novel

How to Walk on Water, Rachel Swearingen, short stories

The Shame, Makenna Goodman, novel

A Good Family, AH Kim, novel

The All-Night Sun, Diane Zinna, novel

The Second Home, Christina Clancy, novel

The Henna Artist, Alka Joshi, novel

Age of Consent, Amanda Brainerd, novel

The Woman Before Wallis, Bryn Turnbull, novel

Etiquette for Runaways, Liza Nash Taylor, novel

The Yellow Bird Sings, Jennifer Rosner, novel

Nowhere Near Goodbye, Barbara Conrey, novel

Not in the photo because I only have ebooks or am waiting for my copy:

The Book of Lost Light, Ron Nyren, novel

Remembrance, Rita Woods, novel

Winter Counts, David Heska Wanbli Weiden, novel

The Jane Austen Society, Natalie Jenner, novel

The Mountains Sing, Nguyen Que Mai, novel

The Chicken Sisters, KJ Dell’Antonia, novel

The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux, Samantha Verant, novel

The Butterfly Effect, Rachel Mans McKenny, novel

You and Me and Us, Alison Hammer, novel

Once Again, Catherine Wallace Hope, novel

The Lady Upstairs, Halley Sutton, novel

Hex, Love, and Rock n Roll, Kat Turner, novel

Forever 51, Pamela Skjolsvik, novel

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