Podcasts for writers!20220107150304

Podcasts for writers!

smcrowJanuary 7, 2022, , , , 0 comments
When I’m not listening to an audiobook, I often listen to a podcast about writing (or about books, as I posted a few months ago). Here are some of my ...
Ebook sale for The Wrong Kind of Woman20210924163123

Ebook sale for The Wrong Kind of Woman

smcrowSeptember 24, 20210 comments
  Hey, my book is on sale—the ebook of THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN is only $2.99 for two weeks. It’s kind of fitting, because when’s a better time to read...

  I recently wrote about my journey to publication. Here’s a little from that piece: ….Over the years, I gave up writing many times i...
Some recent book events20210315153707

Some recent book events

smcrowMarch 15, 20210 comments
A few of my book events from this past month If you missed them live, you can find them right here! —Joint author event with Amanda Brainerd, au...
Current and upcoming reading20210219130648

Current and upcoming reading

smcrowFebruary 19, 20210 comments
Current and upcoming reading Here’s some of what’s on my night-table right now. While these books are all distinct—different genres, different writers...