Some recent book events

A few of my book events from this past month

If you missed them live, you can find them right here!

Joint author event with Amanda Brainerd, author of Age of Consent, hosted by Read It Again Books. I loved talking with Amanda and with Kim McNamara, owner of Read It Again, about our novels, about the lives of women and girls in the early 70s and early 80s, about writing, and a lot more!

The Reading and Writing Podcast: I talked with host Jeff Rutherford about THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN, writing, and my publishing journey. The podcast is up now, episode 366!

Beyond the Book with Julie Chan: I talked with interviewer extraordinaire Julie Chan on her IG-TV channel about THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN and how I came to write it, Dartmouth College and how it relates to the novel, and more.

ReadBooksVB podcast: This is a new books podcast from ReadBooksVB, an independent bookstore in Virginia Beach. I loved talking with ReadBooks’ owner, Kristin Hildum, about so many aspects of THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN. Thank you for such an amazing conversation, Kristin!





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