Podcasts for Readers!20210901113342

Podcasts for Readers!

smcrowSeptember 1, 20210 comments
Podcasts for readers! Bookish podcasts, with author interviews and new-book suggestions, are entertaining resources for readers, but they can be hard ...
Recent reading20210507165509

Recent reading

smcrowMay 7, 20210 comments
Here’s some of what I’ve been reading lately. The Souvenir Museum, Elizabeth McCracken (short-story collection) The short stories in Eliza...
Current and upcoming reading20210219130648

Current and upcoming reading

smcrowFebruary 19, 20210 comments
Current and upcoming reading Here’s some of what’s on my night-table right now. While these books are all distinct—different genres, different writers...

smcrowJune 22, 20100 comments
I’m looking forward to reading Tracy Winn‘s new book, Mrs. Somebody Somebody, a collection of linked stories set in Lowell, MA. I’ve...