Early reviews in BookPage and Booklist

BookPage and Booklist reviewed THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN!

Here’s a little from the BookPage review:

“….Fans of the FX on Hulu miniseries “Mrs. America” will find the same feminist themes addressed in The Wrong Kind of Woman. Crow has tapped into a less flashy character of second wave feminism: the reluctant but curious wife and mother. The book, however, isn’t preachy, and the few strongly opinionated characters aren’t portrayed as necessarily likable.

The Wrong Kind of Woman explores the sublimation of self within a marriage, sexism in the workplace and the pros and cons of activism versus revolution. These are heady topics, but this slow burn of a novel proves a perfect place to give them serious thought.”

And here’s a little from the Booklist review (available only to subscribers):

“Readers will soar through the smoothly written prose and empathize with the strong characters. Suggest for fans of Jennifer Weiner’s Mrs. Everything.”

Thank you, BookPage and Booklist!


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