Launch events, podcasts, and more

I was thrilled to talk with book influencer Robin Kall for her Tell Me About Your Book show on Instagram TV this week.

Another big thrill: talking with the Toronto-based podcast Booktalk with Kory French (part of BTRToday). We talked about THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN, my life as a writer, and the future of fraternities! Kory is such a thoughtful interviewer. Check out his podcast!

And most of all I loved talking with novelist Amy Meyerson (The Imperfects) for my first launch event for THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN, hosted by my favorite bookstore, Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, New Hampshire. The event was virtual, of course. But a virtual event meant that Amy and I could have a cross-continent conversation–she’s in Los Angeles and I’m in New Hampshire–and that friends from all over could take part. Pandemic silver lining. All of Gibson’s author events are recorded, so if you’d like to access the event, click here. 



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